The new Libera Icon collection

Sensuality, contemporaneity and savoir faire reach their highest expression in the new collection signed by Laura Bicego, ICON. Unmistakable jewels, in which the design of the chain, always dear to the Italian maison, meets the distinctive sinuosity and roundness of Nanis’ trait.

After the “un-chained LIBERA, Nanis goes back once again to one of the shapes most dear to this maison: the chain.
A design that the Italian company has been able to interpret and reinterpret through the years, always in new ways, infused by the avant-garde and of the energy that has at all times distinguished it.

Like an amazing “funambulist of jewelry”, for these creations Laura has worked hanging between past, present, and future. Balanced between the historical archives of the company and her first collections of chains in the 90’s, and a “today” that requests the jewel (and not just that) dynamism, lightness and versatility, which are the unmistakable features of Nanis.

The company, in fact, has always believed in a free jewel, unrestrained by the preconceptions that surround it, calling into serious question the idea of wearing it just in special occasions and claiming instead an idea of prêt-à-porter jewelry. “There is no occasion not to wear a jewel” has always said Laura and starting from this concept she developed each of her creations, including the new ICON collection.

ICON's jewels tell the story of Nanis' most transgressive and free soul. The motif of the chain, considered rigid and static in the common imagination, is completely rethought through a more imposing link which, at the same time, is smoothed with great craftsmanship in its lines, giving life to sinuous, sweet and bold jewels at the same time, just like the women they are addressed at.

The embracing design then meets Nanis’ signature handwork: the millerighe burin engraving. With precision and talent, daughters of passion and experience, the maison's artisans engrave very delicate micro-grooves in the 18kt gold surfaces of each jewel, opening it to extraordinary plays of light and making it smooth like silk.

From this poetic combination of bold and sinuous lines, ICON jewels come to life, starting with the necklaces, real works of art in 18kt gold, that thanks to the special (and almost invisible) closures, can be joined to the bracelets, opening the jewels to the most various and personal interpretations.

Or the rings, an ode to creativity and elegance, and to the desire to rewrite the standards of jewelry again and again through masterpieces of manufacture in 18kt gold and diamonds with a contemporary and innovative style at the same time.

And finally, the earrings, born from the unusual and refined encounter between different geometries, bent to the desire to give life to something new and designed to be worn alone or together, depending on your look.

ICON is dedicated to today’s women and their uniqueness.
They are the true icons of the collection.

Discover the new LIBERA ICON collection!