Gold criss cross rings

    The crisscross (also called crossover) ring is a jewel with a contemporary and unusual design, which stands out from the classic band or the solitaire. It is made up of two lines that intersect and symbolize the intersection of two paths, the fusion of two lives that no longer run parallel but have intertwined forever.
    The crossover ring can be given as a promise of love, for an engagement, for a graduation or birthday, or for any special occasion.
    The crisscross rings made by the Nanis artisans are born from sinuous lines in 18kt gold and a delicate pavé of diamonds which give life to extremely refined jewels. Our designers, over time and with the changing trends, have designed this ring in different versions: with precious gems of aquamarine, London Blue topaz, lively tourmalines, black onyx and, finally, with the iconic hand-engraved boules.
    Choose your favorite crossover ring!