Convertible Gold Earrings

    “It is not women who must adapt to jewels, but jewels that must adapt to women”: Laura, the designer of Nanis, has turned this concept into her mantra. An idea rooted in his jewelry since her very first creations back in the early 1990s.
    In this selection, you’ll find some of the most iconic and spectacular Nanis’ earrings, born from the fusion of talent, ingenuity and a pinch of magic. Explore these “double-side” jewels capable, with a simple gesture, to show their hidden face. Masterpieces made in 18kt gold, diamonds and some of Laura’s favorite stones, such as ruby, white opal, labradorite, amethyst, sapphire and many more.
    Dive into these timeless creations, all handmade in Italy in our atelier in Vicenza.