A masterpiece of craftsmanship and a hymn to modernity at the same time, IVY is an embracing and unique necklace. Imagined by a woman and designed for today's women, in this creation Nanis creative director Laura has created a contemporary must-have that has become the inseparable companion of many women, including the talented Milanese manager and trend-setter Silvia Berri.

    This extraordinary piece of jewel, which surprises for its lightness, is composed of refined '18kt gold beads', hand-engraved one by one with the ancient technique of the ‘millerighe’ burin.

    Versatility, which has always been in the company's DNA, reaches its peak in this necklace of gold and diamond boules, adapting to every occasion and look. Sensual choker, lariat, chanel... the possibilities are endless because, as Laura always says, "it is the jewel that must adapt to women and not the way around!".

    IVY is the perfect companion for elegant, sophisticated and travelling women, who tastefully rewrite the concept of luxury.