Convertible gold necklaces & pendants

These Nanis collections of gold necklaces have a common denominator: the creative ability to transform from one model to another. The verb 'to transform' is made up of 'trans'- i.e. 'beyond' and 'to form' i.e. 'to give form'. There is a transpsychic part (beyond the psyche, i.e. the very deep part of ourselves) in man, and the term beyond refers to this. The term form, on the other hand, refers precisely to "giving form" in a sense "to create", but more precisely "to give form". So the term transform means 'to form beyond', i.e. 'to form within', so to speak.
What is important is the meaning of the term: to form. That is to say, transformation is not creation; there is already something latent, so to speak, which, with transformation, takes shape exactly like these 18k gold necklaces capable of mutating and astonishing the wearer and admirer.