Forget traditional chains and welcome LIBERA: an unconventional, dynamic, elegant and casual collection, but above all open to any interpretation.
    "When you think of a chain you always think of something rigid, that limits you”, said Laura.
    But this idea of jewel was too tight for her, that is why she decided to 'liberate' the chain, and finally rewrite it in a new Nanis way, giving life to necklaces in 18kt gold and diamonds that are light, dynamic, classic and bold at the same time, distinguished by special closures that can be joined to the collection's bracelets, creating even more different jewels.
    The rings, where the contemporary design meets Laura's lively creativity and skillful craftsmanship, are small masterpieces in 18kt gold and diamonds that move between the fingers with absolute freedom. And finally, the earrings, available in small, medium and large models, a fusion of minimalism and extreme elegance, designed to be worn alone or together, depending on your look.