Convertible gold bracelets

    “It is not women who must adapt to jewels, but jewels that must adapt to women”: Laura, the designer of Nanis, has turned this concept into her mantra. An idea rooted in his jewelry since her very first creations.
    Just think of the TRASFORMISTA collection, made up of jewels that change shape with a simple touch, almost by magic: bracelets become necklaces, or are completely transformed. Or to LIBERA SOUL bracelets, which become beautiful chokers, or to LIBERA or IVY bracelets, designed to interact with the necklaces of their collections, reinterpreting them in ever new ways.
    Versatility is rooted in every Nanis creation: only by changing, only managing to adapt to every situation, every look, every mood, a jewel can really be at our side in everyday life.