Trilly: the perfect lucky ear cuff for this Valentine's Day!

Originally inspired by Indian tradition and turned into a real contemporary must have, the ear cuff is the earring that cannot be missing from your jewelry collection and, why not, the perfect gift idea for this Valentine's Day!

Our designer Laura conceived it sparkling and tiny, a touch of light ready to follow you, just like Peter Pan's iconic advisor, Tinkerbell (Trilly in the Italian version)! The design is essential and at the same time sinuous, crowned by the iconic Nanis boules, one in 18kt hand engraved gold and one studded with diamonds. TRILLY is perfect both when worn alone and when combined with other earrings models. It depends on your taste and the occasions!

By itself, it will be your lucky piercing, the earring to wear in the upper part of your ear ...even if you don't have a hole. This jewel will be able to give a bold touch to any look, from the most elegant to the most transgressive one. Besides, it is also the perfect gift for a friend... or, why not, for yourself! After all, our first love relationship shouldn’t with ourselves?

If, on the other hand, you love the mix and match, our advice is definitely to combine our ear cuff with other jewels! Try for example TRILLY together with our LUCE earrings, or with our CILIEGINE, or with the lovely ELITE earrings ... play with your jewels! Nothing more than them can help you build a unique, personal and extremely refined look.

What makes TRILLY unique is also the special clip closure system designed to gracefully hug the ear, allowing you to wear this small masterpiece of gold and diamond manufacturing with extreme ease and at the same time guaranteeing an excellent fit... Once you have worn this jewel, you will forget about it!

After all, TRILLY as well condenses in itself all the characteristics of Nanis jewels: the highest quality, the guarantee of a jewel handmade in Italy, the intelligent design and the excellent wearability. As, you should remember, jewels must first of all be a cuddle for yourself, something that makes us feel good.

And TRILLY is exactly that touch of light that will excite you… with so much glamour! Maybe right for the most romantic day of the year ...