SOFFIO GITANO is the newcomer in the Nanis family and it is free, constantly moving and incredibly elegant. A jewel that is a ring, bracelet and necklace together. An ode to versatility and change that are part of us and of our uniqueness.

Close your eyes and open them again. You are on a sunny beach, barefoot, free and light... In the distance, a gypsy dance, which seems to ask you to follow it and let yourself go...

This is where our designer Laura wants to take you with her new SOFFIO GITANO. A place of extreme freedom, unconventional and out of the box. A place where you are the one who rewrites the rules and redefines reality. A place of absolute creativity. This is where this gypsy jewel comes from, always ready to change, and which blends the artisan tradition with the dynamism of the modern woman.
The charm of change is in fact the true inspiration of this creation in 18kt gold and diamonds. Laura conceived it as a ring and bracelet at the same time, made unique by the iconic diamond clasp that adorns the hand with incredible refinement. The same closure that allows you to open the jewel and transform it into a beautiful necklace characterized by hand-engraved gold boules, which you can wear in two different ways.